Changes within 3P’s Executive Management

Rainer Schmidt has retired as CEO effective on August 31, 2019.  Petroleum engineer and Dr.-Ing., Rainer Schmidt founded 3P Services together with three partners back in 1992.  Ever since he has served as CEO of the company.

During his era 3P Services developed from the classical “garage-type” start-up to a global player in the ILI-business. From the beginning, independence from „strong partners“ has been maintained to preserve the freedom necessary for true innovation. Until today, ownership of the company remains entirely with four shareholders.

As far as 3P’s market segment is concerned, Rainer Schmidt focused the company on solutions for challenging pipelines from the very beginning, more than two decades ago.  At times, when others in our industry still published papers to discuss circumstances why a pipeline might be „un-piggable“, under Rainer Schmidt’s guidance 3P Services had inspection solutions for almost all of them.

The concept to “better tailor your ILI tools to the specifics of an un-piggable pipeline rather than modifying such a line to be piggable” is followed (or at least claimed) today by practically all ILI vendors.  3P Services has lived by this philosophy for a quarter century.  As a consequence, 3P Services has accumulated vast experience in special applications and has presented a number of innovations to the industry.  One example, “free-swimming bi-directional inspection” (for single access lines, like tanker loading and offloading lines) was introduced by 3P Services in the last century.  It is meanwhile appreciated by several vendors and many clients.

The present fleet of ILI equipment at 3P Services is quite impressive:  more than 300 live tools serve 2” to 48” inspections in MFL, UT, GEO, DMR and SRD technologies. With this tool fleet, 3P Services is now also a competitive ILI provider on standard lines as well.

Different from other vendors, 3P Services serves its projects out of its single and central operating base in Lohne, Germany.  Teams and equipment are mobilized from here to operations meanwhile spread over more than 40 countries.  The German team now counts 110 colleagues, quite young with an average age of 34. Rainer Schmidt will continue working for 3P Services on certain projects on a consultancy basis for some time.

Meanwhile, the company is in good hands:  His son Felix, with more than 10 years in various functions within 3P Services has gradually taken over management tasks from his father.  Both together have headed 3P Services for quite some time and shared the “General Manager” role since beginning of 2019.  Felix Schmidt, presently also serving as Vice President of the PPSA, will carry the title of the CEO of 3P Services from September 01, 2019.


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