Cooperation with a local school

In 2018/2019, 3P Services has started a cooperation with the local school, Schulzentrum Lohne. We support innovative learning opportunities that use technology to offer students new approaches and, at the same time, give insights into the industrial environment.

3P Services has therefore provided funding (3500€) for the purchase of LEGO Mindstorm robots in combination with a construction project which is supported by our employees’ expertise. Our focus is to connect the tasks of the robot project, in particular development, construction and programming, to the process steps found in the industry. Active learning in interaction with our employees is not only meant to increase the motivation of the students, but should also address the topic from a different perspective, thus increasing the students’ curiosity for the different fields of technical work.

During an Open House event on January 18th, 2019 the funding was officially handed to the booster club and school council (Henrik Schrader, Benedikt Heitmann) by Felix Schmidt (General Manager) and Isabelle Binkowski (Project Manager). We hope that the funding helps the young people to discover their interests and opportunities related to professional orientation.

Link: Schulzentrum Lohne

3P Services move to new facility

3P Services will finally move to its new facility in February. The new accommodation has been in development construction since the end of 2014.

It offers new, purpose built office and workshop space with about 5000 m2 (approximately 54,000 sq ft) working area available. More than 100 employees, the entire existing work force, will make the move. The new accommodation will permit many efficiency enhancements to all aspects of the company’s activities and will have space for up to 200 workers. The site is roughly 2.5 ha (approximately 6 acres) with the option for an additional area, which would come to a total of 4 ha (10 acres). The new base is situated in Lohne, just outside Lingen, Germany and not far from the existing facility.

3P Services breaks ground at new base

“We are growing too much” reports Rainer Schmidt, 3P Services’ General Manager with a smile. The specialist In-Line Inspection company is building a new office and workshop building to accommodate the expanding business. With a symbolic groundbreaking, 3P Services made the starting shot for the new facilities in August 2014.
According to the plan, the new building should be ready in summer 2015 and will accommodate more than 100 work places and room for future expansion.

The new base is located in Wietmarschen/ Lohne close to Lingen and the existing facility. You will find the new base directly at the A31 motorway facilitating access for clients and visitors. 3P Services strengthen their ability to respond to rising global demand for high quality pipeline inspection and integrity services with the new base.

Cooperation with a local school

3P Services move to new facility

3P Services breaks ground at new base

3P Services announced new logo and new visual brand identity

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