Research and Development

Reserach & DevelopmentResearch, development and innovations are the sound basis for 3P’s inspection services. Due to the modular approach, inspection systems can easily be modified to suit individual requirements or critical inspection situations. Having all disciplines in-house, 3P Services is able to offer tailor-made solutions even on short notice. All systems are designed, constructed and tested in-house by own engineers and specialists.

For typical internal corrosion surveys on extremely heavy wall offshore flow lines, a complete new range of DMR (Direct Magnetic Response Tools) has been developed and successfully launched in the market.

The 3P Services on-board micro electronic units are recording the position of the pipeline features, anomalies, defects and corrosion or metal loss on the lines. All data is downloaded directly on-site with new 3P Services software systems and a first data assessment and interpretation can be carried out on-site.

Presently 3P Services is not only concentrating on the smaller diameters but is offering a wide range of tools from the smallest 2″ tools up to the long distance tools for trunk lines with diameters up to 48″. Due to the modular approach of all ILI tools, special tool arrangements can be made easily to accommodate almost any pipeline design.