Since more than 20 years 3P (Pipeline, Petroleum & Precision) Services is a reliable inspection specialist for pipelines in the petroleum, petrochemical and chemical industries.

We develop and manufacture innovative In-Line Inspection systems and apply these ILI tools inside our client pipelines. This specialized service is globally available in both onshore and offshore pipelines.


3P Services GmbH & Co. KG
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49835 Wietmarschen/Lohne

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3P Services North America
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Corporate Video: Introducing 3P Services

3P Services introduces itself with its new corporate video.

Detecting defects in marine terminal pipelines

Dr. Rainer Schmidt and Basil Hostage, 3P Services, Germany, describe inline inspection technologies used in unpiggable pipelines.

In-line Inspection

Core competence of 3P Services is In-Line Inspection services for both onshore and offshore pipelines.

Tank inspection

As a spin-off of the in-line MFL inspection tools, 3P Services offers a product range called the HandyScan system.

In general, these are manually operated MFL scanners to locate metal loss on the remote side of a steel wall.