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Pipeline Inspection Services

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Inspection Technologies by 3P Services

The core of 3P’s pipeline inspection services are its technologies. ILI tools travel through the pipeline and perform various different and continuous inspections at the same time. Large numbers of individual sensors are deployed around the tools’ circumference in multiple sensor arrays. These are integrated into high performance inspection systems with on-board electronics, computer operating systems and software, complex mechanics and material selection, all of which are designed and developed in house at 3P Services.

Research & Development for Pipeline Inspection Services

From the very beginning, 3P has been a pioneer in the development of new technologies and their application in innovative processes.

Our international customers expect reliable and meaningful results from us for every centimetre or inch of their pipeline. To meet the high standards of the pipeline operators community and to react on the individual requirements of each pipeline and installation our research and development department is working every day on innovative in-line inspection tools.  

Our fleet of pipeline inspection tools is deeply modular and includes more than 400 “live” ILI tools ranging in diameter from 2” to 48”.

Inspektionsflotte von 3P Services mit über 400 Tools

Cleaning Solutions

Strategic Partnership with Reinhart Hydrocleaning

In 2024 we forged a strategic partnership with Reinhart Hydrocleaning.

By combining cutting-edge 3P inspection capabilities with top-tier Reinhart cleaning solutions, we can offer our customers an optimized level of pipeline integrity.

Pipeline Inspection Technologies

3P Services uses different technologies for its pipeline inspection services. Every pigging technology has its principles, application fields and advantages.

Click on the following ILI technologies to read more:

MFL inspection 3P Services
Magnetic Flux Leakage
Geometric Inspection
SRD insepction 3P Services
Short Range Distance
UT inspection 3P Services
Ultrasonic Inspection
XYZ inspection 3P Services
XYZ Inertial Measurement

Pipeline Inspection Solutions

3P Services has developed innovative inspection solutions to meet the requirements on-site in the best possible way.

Have a look at the key features of our tools that help us overcome the biggest challenges in the pipeline business.

Read more about our solutions
for Bi-Directional Inspection
Reliable Data Recording in Multi Diameter Pipelines
Our ILI tools are suitable for a
wide range of operating pressures
Inspection solutions for pipelines
with single access
Customized ILI Tools for Small Diameter Pipelines
We are up to the challenge of high, low or no flow
The Combo of Technologies is better
than the sum of its parts
ILI Tools for the use in High Ambient Temperature

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