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Ultrasonic Inspection

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Ultrasonic Inspection for wall thickness (UT-wt)

Ultrasonic Inspection (UT) is the most common means of non-destructive testing and inspection in the industry for metallic wall thickness measurement for many decades. Applying UT sensors to ILI tools took many years of development. Common UT-measurements “from the outside” can result in area progress of 0,01 m² (manual) to possibly 1 m² (manipulated) per hour. In ILI applications for larger pipeline diameters several 1000 m² per hour have to be handled.

3P’s UT ILI tools are state-of-the-art inspection systems with high-end performance and are available through the entire pipeline diameter range.

Compact information about our UT tools

This page gives you an overview about the following topics:

Ultrasonic inspection tool by 3P Services

The Physical Background of Ultrasonic Inspection Tools

An impulse of ultra-high frequency sound is emitted from an exciter (within the UT-sensor) and moves through the liquid product towards and into the pipe wall. Wherever it encounters a (smooth) surface, part of the impulse is reflected while the other part moves on. All reflections are received back inside the same sensor. Considering the travelling time of the different echoes leads to know the internal and external pipe surface and deviations from normal.

Key Advantages

  1. Tools available for pipe diameter as small as 3”
  2. Mid-wall features can be identified precisely
  3. Data allow geometric analysis (dents, buckles, ovalities etc.)
  4. Heavy wall thickness is not a limitation
  5. Most precise data about unaffected wall thickness

Availability Details

3P Services offers UT-wt inspections since 2016.

Today the UT equipment fleet covers tools from 3” to 48”. There is a significant variety of special tools.

All UT-wt tool sizes can be configured for bi-directional operation.

UT can be combined with other inspection technologies for combo tools.

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