Tank inspection

As a spin-off of the in-line MFL inspection tools, 3P Services offers a product range called the HandyScan system.

In general, these are manually operated MFL scanners to locate metal loss on the remote side of a steel wall. The equipment consists of a test head and a versatile display unit.

It provides a perfect synergy with the classical UT-measurement. Firstly, the HandyScan quickly pinpoints the location of e.g. corrosion on the remote steel surface while, secondly, standard UT-equipment is used to quantify the remaining wall thickness.

The HandyScan equipment was developed and is manufactured by 3P Services. It is being sold to operators of pipelines, chemical plants, refineries and other industries as well as to NDT companies, who serve these industries. After having been in use in all parts of the world, the equipment has reached a high degree of maturity. It is simple to operate and gives a cost-effective alternative to countless inspection situations. Training, both on site or in Germany, is provided by 3P Services.

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