Tankfloor Scanner

The Tank Floor Scanner is designed and manufactured by 3P Services. Tanks are assets of primary importance. Keeping them on-line and assuring the mechanical integrity is a key factor. Non-destructive material testing based on the Magnetic Flux Leakage(MFL) technology has been known for almost a century and applied for decades to inspect metal works such as pipelines for metal loss/corrosion. Based on the MFL principle and with the extensive experience of the core business, servicing pipeline operators with high resolution MFL in-line inspection tools, 3P Services has developed a Tank Floor Scanner providing highly reliable results. With the development of the Tank Floor Scanner equipment, 3P Services offers an economic way to get a complete picture of corrosion (pits) affecting the bottom side of tank floors. Doing such scanning surveys ensures safe operation of the tank and enables observation of potential corrosion growth and goal-directed rehabilitation.


The Tank Floor Scanner is hand operated like a lawn mower at walking speed. Optical and acoustic alerts immediately report and pinpoint the location of corrosion pits. The unit operates completely self-supporting. It has its own power supply and does not need any connection with an external computer system.

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