Pipeline in the greenSince our work contributes substantially to our Client’s pipeline integrity management, we take part in the responsibility for the safe and economic operation of oil, gas and product pipelines.

Consequently, 3P Services offers the latest innovative pipeline inspection services with well-motivated and most competent personnel. Prime motivation of the management and personnel is to provide our Clients with detailed information regarding the pipeline condition (metal loss and others) at the best possible value for money.

Permanent research and development as well as personnel training efforts guarantee the highest level technology combined with appropriate competence of our staff on all levels.

Since its establishment, 3P Services has been known for:

  • State-of the art technology for in-line inspection of pipelines
  • User-friendly and cost effective external MFL scanners
  • Dedicated service to give a maximum value to the client
  • Clear company quality policy for all employees. (ISO 9001)
  • Clear health and safety policy. (OHSAS 18001)
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