Core competence of 3P Services is In-Line Inspection services for both onshore and offshore pipelines.

Various inspection techniques are applied on board of our In-Line Inspection tools that measure different integrity parameters while pumped through the pipeline together with the product. Large distances of buried pipeline can be inspected regarding metal loss (e.g. internal and external corrosion), mechanical deformations or other features without interrupting the transportation process.

3P Services has a well-proven range of tools covering the following categories:

  • MFL (magnetic flux leakage) high resolution tools from 2″ up to 48″
  • DMR (direct magnetic response) tools to inspect heavy-wall pipelines starting from 2″
  • GEO (high-resolution geometric) tools to identify discontinuities of the internal geometry starting from 3″
  • Bi-di (Bi-directional) tools for pump-in / pump-out operation in single access pipeline situations for 2″ to 48″
  • Pipeline cleaning services ahead of inspection. Caliper and gauging pigs in all size


All specialized inspection equipment is of genuine 3P Services‘ origin. The development of all components, including hard & software, is done under one roof at 3P Services in Germany.


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