There are pipelines with critical paraffin problems. During a cleaning campaign, when cleaning tools do not bring out any more paraffin after repeated runs, it is often difficult to distinguish whether the pipeline is clean, or the cleaning tools are just without effect.

To overcome this, 3P Services has introduced the GEO+ inspection system. This includes 3P Services’ well proven multi channel geometric inspection technology (GEO), which is based on mechanical sensors at the pipe wall and electronic measurement of their distance to the tool base. The classic GEO sensor array is combined with DMR (direct magnetic response) technology, adding an indication of the distance between the sensor and the pipe wall. As a result, the GEO+ measures geometric discontinuities and the thickness of any non magnetic layer or coating between mechanical sensor and the steel of the pipe wall. In case of a paraffin layer, the GEO+ delivers a high resolution data base about presence, thickness and distribution (axial and circumferential) of the paraffin. This data enables monitoring the progress of a cleaning campaign. Moreover, in a more complex system, where different crude oil qualities are fed into a main line at different distance locations, the GEO+ data may help to identify local issues and help to optimise inhibition schemes and other anti-paraffin measures.

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